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Hi Guys,

As the the title says above,

Is there enough intrest in a Mini Road Trip to Zandvoort ??

The plan would be, We all meet at a designated location in BFG (early), then make the short blast through Germany and into Holland. From there arrive in Zandvoort and drop our kit off in a BnB or Hotel for the day and go straight to the Zandvoort Track. This is the current track used on the DTM Circut and is excellent fun (if not :censored: twitchingly scary...think Ring only FASTER)

Finish our Track Day, then get showerd and changed and hit the Casino in Zandvoort City before going for some food and a night on the smash.

Next day, a bit of breakfast, checkout and head back home to BFG !!

I'm looking to organise it for June (if anyone is intrested)

I know we have the Stelvio coming up at the end of summer 2010, but i though it might be a cool idea to have a warm up for the Help For Heroes Road Trip.

Let me know if anyone is intrested and i can start organising .....

Cheers aye
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