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Xenons Wont Level

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booking into ford to get them fixed, but just wondered how complicated it is?

anyone here know how to sort it?
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I think that they need to plug in a diagnostic computer so it's not a DIY job.
Having said that, with the right equipment it should only take a couple of minutes if nothing is broken.
Is it both lights? have you knocked the arms behind the arch liners or had the lights out?

i have a spare ballast if it's just 1 light
its both lights

just had a new clutch fitted so dunno if that would unsteady anything?
ah ha!!!! its the front light level sensor that is connected to the front suspension arm. this has to be disconnectd and reconnected when doing the clutch, it is very easy however to refit it 360 degrees out of plonk which will of course affect the headlight leveliing. it takes about 30 secs to unclip the arm off it , spin it round and clip it back on.

here witht eh plastic arm, under the front right hand wheel arch

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Seeing the OP my first thought was had you had any work done? Dave's info above should see you right
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thanks guys

just got in from doing it a few hours back

i took off the wheel, and looked at the leveling arm

it didnt look right, as the bottom bolt looked strained at the wrong angle

it was facing the wrong way

its all sorted now...

even though i had to buy a new wheel nut, as the garage obviously rounded it

btw...the wheel nuts are a bit cheap.....whats all this pressed on cap thing all about?

reminded me of old capri wheel nuts from years ago!!!

anyway, sorted now

thanks again
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the pressed tin bit is a cheap cover instead of having a higher quality finish nut - although the tin bit makes it up to 19mm, i found using a 12 point socket damaged one of mine - u need to use a 6 point socket and make sure its pushed fully onto the nut before tighting up.

good news on the lights then
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yes dave thanks

when i saked the garage if they moved the leveler, they said they didnt touch it!!!!

so i phoned ford and they said if it wasnt the leveler, itwould be a switch that can get unplugged when the sub frame gets removed!!!

so glad it was the leveler....didnt fancy dropping the subframe!!!
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