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Xenon Bulb

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hello Tonyst,

the xenon bulb on my st3 seems to have blown. I say this becasue all the other lights in the headlight seem to work fine. where can I order the bulb and its fitting so I can just take it to ford and they can replace it for me. I don't want to upgrade the xenons just a straight standard replacement. Ta very much
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You can get them from ford obviously.
Also try hids direct.
If all else fails try ebay.
There are plenty threads on here for you to get the type/part number for it.
Hope this helps.
cheers for the speedy reply,

ford say it costs about £212 for them to replace the bulb!! Is there a cheaper way of accessing the bulb and its fitting so they can just charge me for the labour? with xmas approaching the mrs won't be too impressed if I need to spend that much
thanks again
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