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Winter Tyres

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Do any of you guys use winter tyres? I am due 4 new tyres soon and my concern is that both Goodyear website for the F1 assymetric and Michelin for the PS2 both say they are not designed for use in temperatures around freezing or ice/snow/slush. I had Michelin PS Exaltos on my old Corrado and they were shocking in the snow, had trouble pulling out of junctions with them as they just span even when the engine was idling and I just slipped the clutch gently.... The other bonus of winter tyres is they are great in the wet due to the heavy treads....


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I dont mate but I'm assuming alot of the guys in the British Army over in Germany will do.
IIRC if you have summer tyres on in winter and have an accident, the insurance company wont pay out!
Good question.
IIRC, Summer Tyres are only rated down to +5oC.
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