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Wind Deflectors

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When I brought the ST it has wind deflectors on. I pulled them off because they looked naff and sold them.

In the last few weeks whenever it rains or I wash the car, I can see water droplets forming on the inside of the glass right at the top. Sometimes I can see one or two droplets run down the glass. I've even tried chucking a jug of water towards the car from a distance so the water lands on the car gentle. But it still manages to find its way in.

But now I'm thinking either I go to the dealer who might charge me fore new seals, or I can buy another set of defectors which will fill the gap and push the window tighter on the seals again. Good idea?

So has anyone got pics of deflectors fitted to a EO ST and where did you get them from?
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Ford dealerships sell them but i think you have to ask for deflectors for a C Max?
And IIRC they are around the £30 mark for the pair.
Do they make more wind noise?

I would rather get new seals, but I'm worried that my dealer will bodge it up lol
I've got Climair fitted to mine. You will get 20% off if you phone them and tell them you are a STOC member too.

They offer a two year warranty. Don't know if that is different to any other deflectors.

Sorry, no pics, but they look OK.
I have them and yes they do allow in the wind noise into the car and its really annoying so I removed them (You notice the wind at 70+)
Does yours leak at all now? I suppose how long they've been fitted.
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