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Wiltec Intercoolers

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Hi AGAIN guys,

It might appear that i have no life and all i do all day is roam the internet for parts for my PB baby.......................your right !! thats all i do !!

We have often spoken about upgrading the standard ST Intercooler and the guys who went to MTB with us in Essen all had the chance to take a look at Alexfresh's ST which has a Wiltec Intercooler fitted, I happen to think that it looks really good and has a very positive effect on the cars performance. But i always thought that Intercoolers were MEGA expensive....................untill i found the Wiltec Web Page and the prices there are charging !!!

Take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think !!!

I might be investing in one of these very soon !!!
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less than a hundred euros that cant be right ?

if it is its a bargain, if its any good
Does seem very cheap !!! but i spoke to the guy who has one fitted to his ST and he sings its praises !!

Cant be ALL bad then lol
Aren't they all universal fitments? So they require a bit of welding so they meet up to the boost pipes? Evn so it would probably work out cheaper than even an Airtec

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