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White St With Gunmetal Rs Style Wheels

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As above really ill update this when i get my camera working.

Sold this to buy st

Sold the STI for the M3 big mistake wish i still had may buy another but that would be my 5th scoob.

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Great looking cars

I would love an E46 did you find that to own/drive?
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didn`t like the SMG box or the backroad cornering thats why i sold it. very quick but heavy and pretty boring i enjoy the wild turbo fun.

M3 was a great crusier and so quick when you looked at the speedo.
Great collection of motors mate, i had a 2005 STI, fantastic motor..
thanks ill see if i can find pics of the other 3 scoobs a z4?? dunno what else.

got the st as a cheap otion to run till i get married next year and new house then ill either keep the st and get a 3rd cossie for the garage or poss go for a mk2 FRS
your right all the mods will come
QUOTE(SpacemanST @ 19 Nov 2009, 09:24 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>your right all the mods will come

You're on the right place for that
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like the M3 have you transfered the plate over to the
will keep an eye out for you and give you a
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some ones been having fun

its funny as well as my last 2 cars was an e36 m3 and an classic scoobs 20l t 360bhp

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