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Which Parts Need Colour Coding

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Just had new RS wheels in Gloss black fitted and feel that the stripes no longer go. Thinking that they need replacing with black to clear fade stripes? What about the light surrounds and grills, resprayed black as well?

What do you all think?


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Looks very good.
I would deffo do the grills and fog surrounds gloss black to match and maybe even the wing mirror covers. The side stripe will look good black to clear or maybe just without one altogether.
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Thanks mate, love the white Rs wheels!

How much did it cost to have your grill and surrounds done if you don't mind me asking?
Did them myself mate. Cost about 28 quid for the paint from halfords and its pretty easy to do to as I'm no DIY expert.
There is a guide on here Click and I just followed that really.
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I would do the grilles and fogs to match your wheels,that would look good
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I'd personally do your fog surrounds PB tbh... I have mines done in PB and i think it looks the part! Black would look wicked also I'm sure
I'm thinking of getting the colour-coded aerial base/stock and washer jets

Loving your wheels in black m8 really look the part
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Fog surrounds for sure Phil, they're really easy to do yourself.

If you need a hand let me know
Colour coded surrounds it is then. I'll most likely take you up on that offer of help. Think i'll read the guide then book some time in to do it. As long as it's done by the next Mids breakfast meet i'll be happy!

they're a doddle to do, the hardest bit is removing the back ones in the first place.
PB fog surrounds will look
, you need enough black at the front of the car to break things up a bit!

a pic of mine if you wanna see what they'll look like...

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Work now completed thanks to Pumabuild. Convinced me to try the PB surround with black trim and I like it!

Honest opinions are welcome. Prefer the original silver stripes than the black but the black sits with the other parts.

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Looking very smart mate, those wheels look awesome on the PB. May have to try some on my FW next year!!
Looks awesome Phil, they've done you proud. Can I recommend some smoked fog/reverse lights to match your rear lights?
Thanks, was thinking of leaving it at that but now the rear fogs have been mentioned.......

I doubt i'll ever stop, you just can't help moving on to the next thing. The wheels would look awesome on a FW! Got to be done.

Got to say Allan working his nuts off getting all the work done. Can anyone recommend a good valet to polish the motor and getting it looking as good as the new painted parts or is it easily done yourself with the right stuff?
QUOTE(northernmonkey @ 30 Nov 2009, 10:25 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Can anyone recommend a good valet to polish the motor and getting it looking as good as the new painted parts or is it easily done yourself with the right stuff?

I'm pretty sure Rob (The Engineer) knows someone that does detailing.
Have you thought about a rear diffusor? Would finish off the back end nicely especially painted two tone

Car looks great though I like the black and blue theme looks mean
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That looks the nuts
where did you get the sun strip done? Im after one like that
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