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Where For Service?

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Any one know where I can take my ST for a service in South Wales?? Trying to work out weither I have to take the 2hr drive to pumabuild or weither there is a decent garage I can trust locally.....after what happened to Kev im a bit weiry about it all now
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I do hope what happened to kev was a one off. (and a lesson the garage have learnt from)

I know a few others on here have used that garage and have commented how satisfied they were.
Thanks Amanda, anyone else....god you welsh are red hot on here!! NOT! So nobody from Wales bothers to service their car? Must have a big hit on residules when coming to sell?
Mine is out of warantee now as is loads of others in South Wales. (I DIY ... tis a damn sight cheaper ....!!!)

Why dont you try tarnock ... a bit further away but well worth the trip ... they have always had good reports from on here and any dealings I have had with them i must say have been 100% satisfied with.
As is common knowledge in south wales you can go to Days the ford Dealers or Bridgend Fords, Fordthornes etc and let them charge you approximately double what everyone else does. They will do a good job and give it a quick clean for you. Just phone around for prices and you will soon see and most of us on here have at some stage in their life been to these garages.

That is the main reason most of the ford employees working at the bridgend engine plant go to Weavers of LLandow is because they are good and a lot, lot cheaper than all the others. Ok it was unfortunate what happened to Kevjury but these things happen.

Another good dealer by all accounts is the one up by Flower66 but i am not sure the costs so its best to send him a pm.
Cheers John Ill phone weavers see how much they are going to charge, compare with the price pumabuild have given me and weigh up weither it isd worth the trip to Brum
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