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What Would You Drive If You Didn't Have The St?

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My car was the topic of conversation at work yesterday and I was asked:

"What would you drive if the ST was never made?"

It got me thinking to be honest. I wasn't thinking if "money was no object etc" ... I was thinking realistically. Based on my circumstances at present, I would probably be in either of these (not brand new, I am not that rich!!). The reason I don't own either is the fact I love my ST and don't want to change it!

Range Rover Sport (Overfinch)

Audi RS4 saloon

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Well before we got the
we said we wanted either a Megane turbo or the Clio 197. It was just the case of what came up for sale first and luckily it was the
as we love this car and are so glad we didn't get one of the others. Loving that Audi by the way very nice!
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If I could find a mint one of these......................................


In fact I'd have one tomorrow if the right car became available
always wanted one!

I'd have one of these as well................

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Im with Storm on this one, Range Rover Sport (Overfinch) with the new Matt Black paint looks better close up. Overfinch is a couple of mile away from me had the chance last year to look around the place, some very special cars there and not just Range Rovers.


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At the moment a 330,530d or an X5 but that may change by the time the ST goes.
QUOTE(g mac @ 16 Dec 2009, 11:46 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This for me!

Im with you on that one. Love those cars, escourt cosworth in imperial blue, lux and big turbo model.
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It was a toss up between a discovery 3 and an ST, the ST won, So would have to say it would be a discovery 3. Although there are a lot of nice motors out there for not a lot o dough.
think if my circumstances were the same i would prob have when for a mazda 3 mps or megane R26

but much prefere the focus
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For pure noise and fun, probably one of these,

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire


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I've just started looking for the ST replacement for if/when I sell it next year, and I keep changing between performance cars and cruisers/comfort so I've been looking at the following:

Audi S4 Cabriolet
Audi RS4 Avant
BMW M3 E46
BMW 535D Touring
BMW 335D/i Coupe
Megane Sport RS
VXR8 Bathurst as above

Just depends what mood I am in after Xmas, although we are also buying a 320d Touring for the Mrs so that will also affect the decision as I then wouldn't need another estate.

I love my ST but don't get to use it in anger, so the idea of a fast luxo barge with all the toys is very appealing.
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QUOTE(thestumper @ 16 Dec 2009, 01:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>For pure noise and fun, probably one of these,

View attachment 35483

Love 'em.... drove them in Oz when I was there.... if money allowed, I would have one as a toy but I don't
.... But DEFO one for the wish list!
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Id be in a subaru either hawkeye sti or a hatch

and ill be back in one of thoses once the wedding is done 10 months of st ownership left
For me it would definately have to be a Range Rover Sport.... The matt black looks absolutely

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when im not driving the
i drive this

or this


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at people picking used cars with the same purchase costs and treble the running costs.

Being 23 when I bought it I looked at another CTR, Golf GTI or used 350Z. The group 20 cars weren't financially viable.
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For me it was a toss up between my head and my heart.

Head - Audi A3 170ps TDI, economical for the motorway miles I do and as quick as my ST170 if not quicker.

Heart - Focus ST Mountune, not in the slightest bit economical, fast as you like and fun in spades.

As you may have noticed I went for the heart option. Haven't looked back
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Hi Guy's. I did look at a Golf R32. Bit too expensive for me so on the way through Cardiff I saw the
of my dreams a Diamond White 57 plate. They sold it before I got the cash,so I got the Black 1 instead. I love it.
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Not the best financial decision I know but I love these to bits. I was looking for a new facelift but I'm gonna hold on a bit as I'm seriously considering an 'S' or Prodrive version.

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