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What Have They Done To Autotrader ?

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Cant seem to search for anything on the autotrder site anymore. Is it just me or are others having the same problems?.
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Works fine for me!
Is it just the search function your having trouble with?

If you looking for an ST their are better place to look like Pistonheads!

Apologies if you already have an ST.
works ok for me.. but it is a LOT slower now they've revamped it, why mend it when it's not broken?
Glad i've only just bought my
as the 'new' autotrader site is pants...i wrote them a 3 page e-mail about the functionality and design of the 'new' site
Not had a reply back yet

Its especially bad when the load times are sooooo slow and when hovering over menu's you would click the wrong tab due it continually adding more content grrrrrr, aaaaaargh
oh no its starting again, i feel a letter coming on
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QUOTE(BigAnd @ 11 Dec 2009, 08:35 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You can get the old search here:

Thanks thats much better and feels like an old pair of slippers.
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