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What Do You Think Of This?

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Knowing that the MAF is smaller, will he do anything good?
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Surprises me that the C30 doesn't use the same MAF housing as the ST
I thought it would with the MAF (and housing) being a bespoke Bosch component, and very very similar to one i saw off a VXR. but the advert does say it's 76mm and not the 80mm size to match the ST MAF.

Anyhow apart from looks I don't think there are any performance benefits to be had, Wolfman admits this even with their ally induction pipe for the ST which is formed special in 2 diameters to match the connections at either end. I'm wondering if it sits a bit high above the engine in the ST too?

Bit of twaddle in their advert too ref the ECU cooling and the standard airbox not being a point of significant restriction.....

EDIT and i've just read the bit about oiled aftermarket air filters which are going to wreck everyone's MAF's
so I'd take what they say about the gains from their pipe with the same large pinch of salt!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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