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What Do You Think Of This?

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i'm thinking of getting one of these:

What are your thoughts? Anyone use one of those before?

Guys at TOTD have something like that and they used it to unearth "crankshaft position sensor fault" behind ubiquitous "engine systems fault" and "MAF circuit fault" behind "ESP system fault". It has built in code lookup database, so gives out problem description as well as the code, unlike scantool.

Price is not bad too, 75.50 delivered on ebay.
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My local independant garage has one similar Vlad, i was asking one of the guys if they are any good and they told me they will read most makes of vehicle but again not all faults? Great price though.
That is a very handy tool to have. I know Chris Todd has used one for some time now.
cheers guys!

yes, the price is great, this unit literally worth one visit to dealer excluding petrol and time (which is usually wasted anyway)

did they say which code groups this thingy doesn't read? hope it reads ABS module faults ...

I've ordered one now, hopefully wouldn't need to use it any time soon
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This is a good bit of kit for the cash.

You will find that this unit will read engine codes and possibly body codes, it prob wont read abs/airbag etc.

At work we use a launch x431, its 3 grands worth and it doesnt read everything...
cheers Dave, i'll try to test it on airbag light as soon as it arrives (by disconnecting driver seat) ... fingers crossed
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Please let me know how you get on with it. I may buy one.
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