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Week 2

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As some of you know my band (Griever) is in a competition on Rock Radio Scotland

thanks to those who helped, we won the first week, now we have a new opponent (who sound really good to be fair)
so I think it may be alot harder this week but if I can be cheeky and ask for your help again?

We would ideally like to win 4 weeks in a row and get to play live on the radio so it would be awesome if you could all help by voting and passing the link around friends!

to help us out follow the link and vote for:

Griever - Truth and Lies

many many thanks
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yeah i'm sure this week will be tougher, they are good!
thanks again , really appreciate the help! I told the rest of the band about you guys helping, they said to sa thanks also!
thanks john. just checked we're at 69% now so slowly creeping away from being too close, which ofcourse settles the nerves lol
aww thanks guys, i ended up working all night adn off today so i couldn't get to vote in work, but i'll get in tomorrow haha try get another few votes and get back above 70%, play it safe I hope!
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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