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Wee Day Out!

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Going for a wee day out to Andrew Gallacher for a map for the ST today cant wait

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Thanks for all your replys

Thats me just back from Andy's there its just a generic map just to keep things safe because of the amount of miles I do I was paranoid with the performance also I will be going for the big Turbo soon so I did not want to spend to much on a map only to have to spend even more when a get it live mapped with the bigger turbo so a friend who races with Andy in the SMRC got me a deal I just could not refuse, I also got the 4 wheel laser alignment done and WOW what a difference it makes.

Before any of my other mods the map should give the figures below:

Model Year: 2005 >
Engine Type: Petrol-Turbo
Engine Size: 2.5L 5cyl Turbo 225 BHP Model
BHP Increase: 50
Torque Increase (NM): 130

AG Motorsport Highly recommended

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QUOTE(jim g @ 6 Jan 2010, 05:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>How does it feel Stew? Is it a lot different?

Brilliant lol

Might still have it on for the rolling road day to see what it does and u can have a wee go for yourself

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QUOTE(jim g @ 6 Jan 2010, 05:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
you'll be loving it then

Its great jim really strong down low then powers through at the top still have nice tourque and smooth drive but I cant give it %100 because of the road's

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How are you guys

Glad someone getting use of the mods D7PNY gave you a reply to your pm

Congratulations buddy Yeah thats my old car did you buy it from Kennedy Cars?

The Car is 2007 focus st3 29000miles ish Has full 3inch downpipe de-cat and cat back andrew gallagher fast road setup eibachs vibratechnics tourque mount Andrew Gallagher re-map 5paddle clutch with new thrust baering fitted buy asboandy on the site car has been on 2 dif rolling roads and made

288.9bhp and 340lb
290.9bhp and 345lb

All you need to do to achive that power is add a induction kit. If you then add a front mount then the car will produce over 300bhp but has the drivetrain to handle because of the new clutch I only done 1500 miles on the new clutch.

Cars has an oil change every 6000miles and all services

The car also won fastes fwd and fast ford in standard trim with no mods

IT also has a K&N pannle filter on it just now

Anything else just ask

Menzies was nearly spot on cheers man gone but not forgoten lol the car has never had a front mout lol so
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1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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