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Wee Day Out!

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Going for a wee day out to Andrew Gallacher for a map for the ST today cant wait

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The map was installed straight on to the ECU so it should still be installed. Easiest way to tell is if the turbo gauge red lines it still has the map installed.
If I remember right the car was running around 280 - 290 bhp at the rolling road at the beginning of the year. I am not sure what he has left on the car but I do know that it used to have an uprated intercooler and induction kit fitted to it. He did indeed have a full exhaust system including a decat, it was a tad loud on the rollers. The car had also been lowered 30mmand had a RS clutch fitted but again I am not sure what he left fitted when he traded the car in.

To be honest if all of the above are still fitted there is not really much left to do without starting to spending lots of money
Will cause no problems only thing you might notice is the power will drop off when the temperature increases without the intercooler.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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