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Best wishes to our newish members ......

Chad and Carmen who have gone back home to South Africa to get married on Saturday 20th.

Hope everything goes well and and you have a Great Day

Good Luck & Best Wishes

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Thanks guys and gals,we are now a happy married couple.Day started off with wobbly knees,minister arrived 5 mins before we were meant to start and it rained the whole day.But all in all the day was perfect good food great people and plenty of dancing and drinking.

For last 2 weeks I have been driving a 1.2 hyndai gets,I so miss my
have to look at a picture every 3 days to keep my mind in a happy place....

Hey before my wife gives me the eye I gota go...
Take care all.May u have a beautiful xmas and a wonderful new year
See 21 feb meet.
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