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Water Leak

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Hi all, hope someone can help or advise me on a waterleak in my focus. its the 2 litre duratec one. ive noticed the footwell on the passenger side is wet through ive checked the door seal and that seems ok (no folds curls etc). i have read somewhere that there is a pipe or filter that might cause this . at first thought it was off passengers shoes due to the rain weve had but drivers sides dry hope to cure it before it turns into a mobile mushroom farm
thanks for reading
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i had this about 3 months ago, i drove 250 miles non stop in torrential rain and when i got home the passenger carpet was damp to say the least, took it into fords who couldnt find a thing and i,ve never seen it again since, think it was just the sheer volume of water i,d been driving in
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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