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Vredesteins - Not All They Cracked Up To Be :( - Updated

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Well, Ive ran the Vredestein Sessantas for 3-4k miles now. And to be honest I really cant decide if I like them. My problem is, that I really dont like the way they 'feel'. I ran a full set of Kumho Ku31's before these and although the Kumho's were pretty pants in the wet, at least they felt the way they were going to perform. By that I mean I knew when they were goign to slide because you could feel them starting to break away.

Now the Vredesteins on the other hand are grippy, very grippy in either wet or dry, but I really cant tell when they are going to break away. They feel like they are going to slide all the time, but they dont and then all of a sudden they break free. Not happy with these at all. I cant gett eh pressures right, anything over 38 psi, the steering just lightens up far too much. Anything under 38 and they just feel too soft. On top of all this, I have had all 4 balanced 4 times at different tyre shops, and none of them can balance them right.

Anyway, went back to the garage I got them from, and they rang Vredestein who are sending one of their reps all the way from Northampton to Newcastle to meet me, check the tyres and hopefully offer me a refund so I can go and get me some Eagle F1's. Fingers crossed. According to the guy that owns the garage, they are likely to offer me a 70% refund on all four wheels at original purchase price
Cant wait to get these things off, and TBO if they dont offer me a refund, i'm just gonna wash my hands with them and stick to what I know.
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I also have Vredesteins but on 19'' rims . I cant fault them so far but have not really pushed them really hard yet ......
I have had mine on now for about 1.5-2K now and I feel a similar way, I dont really have any confidence in them. Although they havent I feel like they are going to give up on me. Im not sure if its the high pressure of them as they seem to be alot more soild a tyre than the conti's.
Mmm, I would just wear them out to about 4mm then just swap them for the Eagle F1's.

I've recently changed Eagles for the Vred's and wish I'd paid the extra. I think the main difference is the side wall, the Eagles are very low in profile for a 40 rubber and make the Vreds seem like mush I think thats why many people put stupidly high pressures into the Vreds - just to get the feel back.
I'm surprised to read the latest feedback about the vreds, if I went to 19's I'd intended to get these cos of the better rim-protector than Falkens.

Tis what the forum's for tho.
Had a good chance to push the Vredesteins in the wet weather over the last 2 days and i am very impressed with them .
Well, I was due to meet the Vredestein rep at 1pm today at the garage that fitted my tyres. Got a phone call this morning at 10am to say that due to traffic issues, he was not going to be able to get up from Northampton to look at my vresdesteins.
So he just authorised 100% allowance on all four tyres
Drove down to the tyre shop, 4 new Eagle F1 Assymetrics fitted @ £460 and waiting for a credit note from Vredestein to cover the cost of the new tyres.
All in all, not happy with the performance of the Vredesteins, but their customer service seems to be more than up to the job.

And as for the Assymetrics, well the ****** awesome. Worlds apart from the Vreds, car drives as it should, tyre walls are loads better and the ST feels loads more stable. Still got a very slight judder at around 75mph but only slight. Gonna check the hub mating surfaces on the weekend. Very happy chappy now, just wish I had put the Assymetrics on originally.
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Thats amazing service, I have never heard of a tyre company doing anything like that without taking the tyres away and testing them.. Maybe Vred already knew about an issue with a certain batch of these tyres.... I have to say, I will never fit them to my car considering the pressures they say you have to use in them which in my opinion are just too high.... Considering Ford says 33psi all round, maybe 1-2 psi adjustment i could live with but not that much... Will be F1 assy's for me too when its time.
I have Vreds on the front and they seen ok to me, but I dont really push the car that hard tbh.

Whats happened to the tyres youve had taken off are they still at the tyre shop or are they going to be returned to Vredestein???

QUOTE(DurhamLad1973 @ 18 Nov 2009, 04:58 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have Vreds on the front and they seen ok to me, but I dont really push the car that hard tbh.

Whats happened to the tyres youve had taken off are they still at the tyre shop or are they going to be returned to Vredestein???


They are being returned to the supplier.
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