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First of all, if you can afford to get wrapping done professionally then do it as its absolute ball ache to do.

the bonnet and spoiler i had done professionaly so thought "roof cant be so hard" wrong!

but me and a mate got there in the end.

Equipment required

1 or 2 hairdryers
extension leads to get out side and around the car
a mate, or preferably 2 mates
scalpel or stanley
1.52m x 2m vinyl from ebay, around £30 (1500mm x 2000m)
Something soft and hard ,like a car wallet see car wallet on car roof pic


Wash roof and dry it thoroughly

get inside car and pull off the plastic lightbulb cover, pull it forward , it comes off quite easily. Then with a flat head , prise the plastic housing out and let it hang down with the bulb wires. Get a torx screwdriver and undo till you hear aerial go donk and fall off. Leave the thread poking up and do not push it or move it, simply lay vinyl over it and cut around it later.

cut vinyl to size of roof with overhang all round maybe 6 -8 inches so its manageable
plonk on top and start from the boot to front.

peel about 2 ft off the width across the vinyl and then with a squugee type tool or a car wallet in my case, heat and push, THis is definitely a 2 or 3 man job and heat and squugee, Hold vinyl vertical and heat and push back. Any creases, lift back , heat and apply again,

This is tricky but the vinyl is quite forgiving so dont worry to much about creases/folds as these wiil easily come out with heat. if 2 of you, one heats and holds one side and the other holds up other side and presses it all down, swap sides as and when required

once all down , run a blade along the gaps on the roof , the far edge from roof gap so you can push vinyl down the gap.

Reapply aerial


Time 1.5hrs

get in touch if you have any questions


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Cheers Wolf. I get mixed responses regards with the bonnet vinyl ,

My wife says (and others) that my car looks like its had a crash and i got a black bonnet on the cheap from the scrappy. Ya know when you see a blue car with a red door etc...

I suppose they have a point. Maybe now its more flowing now from bonnet to roof to spoiler.

But Vinyl isnt everyones cuppa tea.
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