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Very Happy New St Owner In Scotland

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After about three years of dreaming of owning a Focus ST I finally got one yesterday thanks to my amazing hubby, best christmas pressie ever. Wasn't even planning on buying one, just popped into a garage for a look when we were out shopping on Friday. I love it. My last car was a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior, the one before that was a Mitsubishi Shogun SWB 3.5 V6 GDI (I did love this car but had to get rid of it as it wasn't running right!) and the one before that was a Mitsubishi Shogun SWB 2.8TD. So the Focus ST is very different to what I've been driving for the past 6 years!! Hubby's still driving around in his 8 year old Jeep Cherokee but I've promised that he can get a new jeep next year as I'll be keeping my car for a while! I got a 2007 ST-2 in performance Blue 17000 miles on the clock. We did look at a 2006 ST-3 with 26000 miles on the clock which was slightly cheaper but all the alloys had been damaged and I didn't like the quality of the leather seats, they did offer to fix the alloys but I preferred the seats in the ST-2. So all in all I am a very very happy bunny, can't wait for the better weather to come in though, although maybe that is wishfull thinking living in Scotland!
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to the club.

What a good hubby. You must have him well trained!!
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Hello and welcome, car sounds good. Im from newarthill so not far away, i wil keep an eye out for you on my travels.

Good to have yet another scottish member signed up!
Hola Amigo.
to the club. The
member contingency grows weekly..
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Hello and
to the club

Always good to see another Scottish member
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Thanks for all the welcome messages people. Told my hubby to take my car to the gym to stop me going out and driving it, need to get some house work done!!
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