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I'm thinking of getting my ST upgraded, Pumabuild is one company i'm looking at for upto 290bhp, anyone had theirs upgraded and what do you think. Where to go any ideas

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you may save money buying the mods seperately on here second hand...if you wait a few weeks for the bits to come up for sale

but you only make a saving if you fit it yourself tbh

i saved a fortune buying my kit...but when i fitted it, even at reduced rate for added up

these upgrades are worth the money if you do it all in one go

in hindsight i would have gone to DS and got the stage 3 tune

full exhaust
maps inc modC
rolling road
side stripes (if thats your thing)

all for £2,300

all in all i payed about £2000 for second hand stuff and fitting
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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