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hey all... this is HUGO from mexico city
i had previously registered at the RSOC forum, but due to some
unexpected expenses...
i was forced to cancel the RS operation
and so... went straight to the
which im sooo not undermining BUT who rather get the RS
, right?

so... i have to wait 40 days
for FORD MEXICO to get my ST-3 which is the only available model here... in panther black of course and well... hope to read from u a lot, learn from u a lot, experiences, stories, specially mods which i plan on doing... maybe dreamscience...

and well, this is me introducing me-self and... i'll just wait for those 40 loooong days...



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Hi Hugo.

I will be in Mexico for the World Rally Championship in early March.

If You happen to be in Leon these days maybe we can meet and have a chat over a Michelada.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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