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Tyre Pressure Gauge

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Can anyone recommend a good tyre pressure gauge?
I have one of those analogue dial things that you push onto the tyre valve but the readings seem to be quite random. (I can get anything from 30 to 38 psi even though it's pushed on at the same angle).
Was thinking of getting a twin foot pump with the pressure dial but what do you recommend?
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i have one of these:

Very accurate, large glow in dark dial, which is easy to use. Has bleeding valve if you overinflate you can bring the pressure down quite accurately too.

It is quite expensive however compared to other gauges.
Bit of info here to help you decide

I've got a bosch tyre inflator gun which has a built in gauge, also got one of the dinky little Halfords ones, but under another brand name. Acurite or summat.

Funnily enough the dial gauge on my cheepo Halfords foot pump seems to agree with the other gauges
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