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I remember having the very same conversation in 1996 about my mates Series 1 RST which was mapped and extensively modified Vs my other mates MK2 RST that was standard.

The same is true now as it was then. Even more so due to engineering and technology. If you continually abuse a car when it a cold you'll knacker it.

A standard ST needs to be warmed up with gentle driving as per any other car - watch and wait for the oil temp to reach normal and enjoy it. There's nothing substantial to be gained from letting it cool down after the end of a day other than lost time.

If my ST was remapped then I would need to warm it up the same way as above but let it cool down after a blast. ( Turbo Timer can help )

If your ST is balls out modified then and only then do you perhaps need to pre-warm a vehicle using diagnostics etc and warm down folowinf procedures.
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