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Turbo Oil Feed - Help!!

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After replacing the turbo i'm having issues getting into the oil feed pipe that comes from the block to the turbo.... I had to slacken the pipe of at the block to remove the turbo but i can't see any way of getting my hands in to take the bolt right out to replace the copper washers! The fixing is dripping when the engine is running so these need replaced. Has anyone done this before? How can i get in?

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Alright mate, Well This is a tricky fcucker to do, After my engine build this is the one i had problems with. I had actually threaded the block
( You do not want to do this). When i fixed mine it was loosing oil big time, You can use the washers again if you heat them up and then cool them, This works and makes them soft again. The pipe is rigid and when you try to tighten up you think its going ok till it slips then you are in big trouble. (like me). Take off the feed pipe on top of the turbo and fit this after the bolt on the block has been tightened. This bolt is easy, you you probably know to remove the plastics below the windshield and the heat shield from the turbo.The bolt to the block is tight to get too, you need to take off the drive shaft bracket and take out the driveshaft, It is a bit easier to get to with this removed.

PS trying to put the washer on between the pipe and block is a killer. You cant see, just by touch, Use a bit of grease in washer to make it stick.
Any probs PM me.
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