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Towing Capacity?

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What it the towing capacity of a 54 Mondeo 2L Tdci 130 (manual)?
Looked through the hand book but could not see what it is rated at.

Looking at hooking up a braked trailer to transport a small car but have no idea of what the limit is.
Hope some one will be able to help.



Found it, 1715Kg
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Mondeo 2.0L Tdci (130bhp) 2003-


Remember your licence entitlement, I note that you are only 24. I know for a fact I cannot tow a trailer on my licence as it stands:

Also Rememeber the Rules- which include the Kerbweight of the car which tows the trailer - which on the mondeo is 1495kgs

so in short:

1495 (Mondeo)
800 (Trailer)
1000 (max weight on the trailer)
3295 kg - Which is pretty close to 3.5tons if I remember rightly, so ensure you check the trailers weight too.
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Thanks Marc,

Did it off the VIN plate,
2035Kg maximum vehicle weight
3750Kg maximum train weight

= 1715Kg

Did not know till recently about the not been able to tow, but i will be looking into getting the license.
So my dad will be towing for the time been

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