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Time To Sell The St

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The day I've been dreading has arrived - I'm selling the ST.

It's been a difficult decision, but since the accident in June my ST experience has been seriously soured. I've spent 5 months battling with my insurance and garages to get the car back to its former glory. The repairs are now complete (it looks better than before the crash!!!) but I've lost all my ST enthusiasm.

All this because some
couldn't pay attention to where he was going...

I've traded-in the ST and get this delivered mid-December:
New Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 Ti-VCT
Frozen White
Street Pack (privacy glass, 17" alloys, ESP)
Bluetooth with voice control
Upgraded stereo (USB connection, matrix display and additional speakers)
Interior Pack 1 (scuff plates and mats).

I won't love it as much as the ST but I'm deliberately trading-down so I can save money and get on the property ladder.

I'll still be visiting the site regularly, so I hope to be welcome at future meets that don't involve the cars too much (bowling or karting again maybe).

Cheers for the last 2 years.
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Sorry to hear you're selling the ST mate.I know what you mean about the crash etc; and it's terrible this has dampened you're enthusiasm for the car.But i understand how you feel.Stick around the club Dave
You've been an active scotland south member from the beginning and i know you'll be more than welcome at any future meets, Steven
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Sorry to hear this, but the replacement looks fully loaded!
I am in a simialr situation following problems with my ST, seriously considering getting rid, just wish i could get back the enthusiasm and love for the ST!
Hope you enjoy your new purchase
I am sorry to hear you are selling up is a nice car though the Zetec S

As Waito has said you will always be welcome at any meet in Scotland South

Keep in touch mate and take it easy

Davieravie could be your man for the Dreamscience handset

Give him a wee PM and see if you can sort something out
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Sorry to hear about this Dave, but your fiesta looks pretty good, think another Dave(black facelift ST) was looking for a DS unit
Sorry to hear your selling up mate, new car loks kool as tho, saw one today in white they are minted
Don't be a stranger Dave.

Noot has the Fiesta 1.6 titanium and it's a really nice car to drive.

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I remember you talkin about selling the st at crail dave sorry its come 2 letting the car go but pleased your sticking with
the blue oval white zetec-s with privacy glass are

Keep coming to the meets!
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Gutted for you mate the Fiesta is a well nice car my sons got one in black loves it
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Sorry to see the ST go, but at least you are still going to be behind the blue oval badge with your new motor, thay look awsome!!!!!

See you around the forum

Jared and the boys and gals from DS
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Sorry to hear that but these things happen when you have bad experiences with garages and workmanship.
Sorry to hear that mate fiesta looks good in white and don't be a stranger
Enjoy the new car
Sounds well kitted up I'm sure you will love it
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