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Thought i had my
cleaner than clean, but it was still dirty

yesterday and was going to polish today, but after a trip to ASDA and Morrisons (yes i do lead a hectic social life
) she was dirty again. got up early doors this morning washed her again. I had bought some Megs Quick Clay with detailer, so decided to give her the once over prior to polishing.

Using the quick detailer as a lub gave the whole car a seeing too. The detailer has a blue tinge to it after some gentle rubbing with the clay it turned brown with the dirt still on the paint surface. This Quick detailer is very good gear and the clay in this kit has supposed to be non abrasive yet took bonded contaminants from the paint surface. needless to say when finish i was certain that the surface of my car was clean.

Went over the entire car with a dry cloth then applied Auto Glym HD Wax. Car looks very clean and shines like it had just came from showroom. In a nut shell i would/i will be using this again and as far as how long it takes to do, i started with washing the car at about 9.00am and when finished polishing it was 12.00pm. but the results were well worth it.

P.S my car is a Diamond White and when i come home from work it will be filthy again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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