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The St Is Going

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Had the ST for 19 months now and have really enjoyed it. It's stirred something inside that the previous Type R just didn't hit.
Been following the 'mod' scene and finally went down the Mountune route at the end of July. Loved it to bits.

The cunning plan was to have this done to stop me getting an RS but...
Been following the sister site and an RS came up which I viewed last Saturday. The rest as they say, is history, and I pick her up this Saturday.

Here's a little taster - pre PDI and prep but it did it for me

Car Vehicle Ford fg falcon Tire Grille

Quick story and sad but pleased at the same time.
I'll be staying around 'cos this site and the people on it are great

Chow for now, Andy.


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very nice mate, Glad to hear your sticking around , have fun in your new car
You won't regret your choice
I'll see you on the sister site, I've been there a month
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nice..... best colour for the RS as well

have you bought it from Skipton Ford? i know they've had 1 inside/ outside their showroom for a while
Jammy bar steward I love it fair play to you, if I had the £ I would be in line for one stunning!!
Nice one fella, although it does make me a little green with envy!
Are you sure thats pre-prep?? Its gleaming! Great shine on it.
And what a car
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The ultimate green looks stunning in your picture, hope you enjoy it as much as your
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we wont be getting the RS here.

Love it to bits

hence why i dont feel as sad as you spending $13K on my ST (Or Xr5 as its known here)
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Lucky man

I am still undecided on the UG but it looks great in that pic

Hope you enjoy the RS mate
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Thanks for all the good wishes folks, much appreciated.

I've wanted to own a version of an RS for a long long time so a bit of an ambition fulfilled.
As I said earlier, the Mountune was supposed to be a substitute after having test driven the RS, but in reality it probably spurred me on a bit more. That's a big compliment to the Mountune package...

Robby - car's not from Skipton mate.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I continued with the mods - had exhaust, CAIS, wheels and other bits and pieces in mind - so when this deal came up I knew the time was right to change camp.
Have been a member of the sister RS site for a while and have followed all the posts on there. Hopefully that site will grow to be the force that this place is.

Like others I was undecided on the UG, but when I walked around the garage door and saw it, it just blew me away. I had a favourite colour list drawn up but that kept getting changed. Was white, green, blue until I saw that car.
Spec I've got is UG (obviously) with Lux pack 1, leather and bluetooth.

Everythings sorted now for Saturday so hopefully all will go well and I won't regret the move.
Just hope the sun shines!

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Nice one mate. I need to wait till January for mine.... Not that I'm counting the days lol
Fantastic news mate, i get mine on Saturday as well so know how excited you must be, im like a kid at christmas.. It cant come quick enough. O well only 2 sleeps..

Have fun on Sat mate i know i will..

Are you Andy D on the sister site mate..
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