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QUOTE(ST Bunky @ 28 Nov 2009, 10:59 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks

Funny how Mexico gets the Euro ST, yet poor old yanks get one that looks like an ironing board.

Recently, I visited a VAG US Forum and they had a topic about the VW Scirocco. They were complaining how they don´t have the Focus ST, RS, and now they will miss the Scirocco, and we do have them in Mexico. At the moment only the Focus ST and RS, but there´s a Scirocco at the VW plant and rumors are they will be selling it next year.

I think we´re living a great moment here in Mexico, as we have a great variety of makes and models. And there´s something else you won´t like that much. Prices are much lower here. Right now the Focus ST is about 15,000 pounds. And as I said before, it is something like an ST2 with Sony CD player, Bluetooth, Sunroof. I believe in the UK the price for the same car goes around 22,000, isn´t it?
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