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Technical Advice With The Work Car!

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Hi everyone,

I need someones advice who knows more about electrics than me!! Im asking about a peugeot 206 that i bought privately yesterday for work, im a driving instructor so had the dual controls fitted yesterday, done nearly 7 hours of lessons today however the last guy i taught stalled at a junction, problem was when he tried to turn the key to restart all the lights came on the ignition, needles went up as usual however when he turned the key all the way - nothing. not even ticking. after panicking and trying to restart a few more times it eventually started, so on the way back he stalled again both stalls due to poor clutch control and once again the car wouldnt turn over so i had to push it off the roundabout! waited a minute or so then tried a few more times and it started so i drove us home.

I ve been home bout twenty minutes and just gone out and deliberately stalled the car three times doing bad pull aways everytime the car has started fine,

It seems to me that the coolant temperature seems high when it first wont re start but when the car is cool this problem is not present,

the engine is driving fine, not cutting out, not over revving its just immediately after its stalled it wont re-start and the guy has his test friday :-(

any advice would be very much appriciated!
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"It seems to me that the coolant temperature seems high when it first wont re start but when the car is cool this problem is not present, "

i take it you have checked the oil/water ledvels and condition ??
if it wont start when hot it could be heat seizing !!

check the electric fan is comeing on at the corect temprature.
also is there any white smoke from the exhaust as this could be either head gskt going "and allowing water in to cylinders and building up pressure so engine cant turn over etc etc .
also you could just have a dodgy starter motor ie lazy .
next time it happens id put the car in second gear take foot off the clutch get out and rock it back and forth a few times then get in and try start the car as normal if the car starts after this it would indicate you have whats known as a lazy starter motor by doing this you are freeing the starter from the ring gear on your flywheel.
hope you get it sorted matey .
Glenn, thankyou very much for taking the time to reply to me, its so bizarre and i cant see any other examples of this online, the car is so quick to start up when it does fire up, doesnt even turn over once and its running, i will check the exhaust and next time it wont start will do the rocking technique you mentioned.

all i can think that is related is the temperature thing, especially as i kept stalling it and it kept restarting instantly.

Like i said, everything works like normal when it does this except when you turn the key all the way there is nothing!! just silence!
Just to add more confusion just taken the car out, gave it a bit of welly down the national speed limit, brimmed it at tesco, come home, deliberately stalled 5 times with the temp guage on 90 degrees, each time putting the handbrake on, starting in gear with clutch down, turning off ignition completely, starting in neutral and every time had an immediate start,

is it possible it was a one off?
could be a one off or the first sign of an oncomeing problem .
had a focus a few years ago that if i put the key in and switched on the ignition too quickly the system wouldnt recognise the code on the key ,so got used to putting the key in and waiting just a few seconds to turn on ignition no moor issues .
dont no if your car has a coded key as never had a pug in my life ,if it does i wonder if its the same kind of issue as i had .
just a thought .
If its a petrol it may be the crank sensor breaking down under load, had a few problems with them. Get the ecu and bcm read for codes, should flag up as current and or historical p codes.
Hi guys, thought id let you know i now have the problem sorted out. Amazingly when i took it to a friend at the garage he got it up on ramps and found the live wire going to the started motor did noot have a nut holding it onto the post!!! so it was only touching occasionally!

Rather than just having the nut put on i supplied a new starter motor and got him to put that one on as the other was a bit aged!

thanks again for your advice!!
glad you got it sorted ,sometimes its the simplest of things a !!
Yeah pretty annoying, your rocking the car back and forth advice worked well so many thanks again
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