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Hi bud what does he charge for that service ? Cheers

Sorry for the late reply! It was 拢440 for the programmed screen, 拢60 for the usb, about 拢30 for the adaptor, 拢39 for the Ford GPS antenna and 拢9 for the cable. I bought the short 35cm female to female Fakra cable. Works great and doesn't take up too much room behind the dash. I popped the boost/oil px/oil temp pod off and stuck it under the dash just forward of it.

I also meant to add. Kev put the latest version software on mine so it's 3.4 with the latest maps at no extra charge.

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2015 (65) ST-2 TDCi 185ps Estate in Deep Impact Blue
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Did this upgrade on my 2015 ST Estate, early August. Well pleased with the result, Sync 3 is so much better, especially being able to use Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, gives you so much choice for Music, Podcasts, Sat Nav, etc with all the possible apps.
I read through @Chris424 original post, with all the detail and external links to videos, etc. Gave me the confidence I needed to get to work on mine.
I also got mine from Kev Wynne on eBay, same as @jm555 & @KAR Kev is brilliant, does all the programming, updating to latest software and maps all as part of his price. All the kit I brought from Kev was is perfect A1 condition, I'd highly recommend him for anyone planning on doing the same upgrade.

I'll be posting up my old Sync 2 and Media Hub in the near future if anyone is interested.

Here's a couple of pics of mine.

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I see a post on here but cant find it if anyone can help ive just put sync 3 in with usb hub the post i see was someone saying how to get youtube etc on there with a adaptor if anyone else could help on what adaptor it is please
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