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Hers's an odd one, started the car up from cold and there was an alarming, very loud hissing noise in the dash just as if a hose had burst at high pressure yet from inside the car and of course aware this couldn't be.
Tracked it to coming from the grill on top of the oil temp/pressure/boost gauge display!?
I'd left the music volume fairly high up and soon found if I turned it right down to 0 it stopped but came back in sync with the volume setting, this grill must obviously be a speaker and I didn't know, I also had a low muffled output from all the other speakers so it was audio!
Tried all inputs, radio, phone/Spotify, usb, phono etc. All the same and also stopped if switching the unit off.
Turned the engine off & on again a few times but no change so drove home with sound down assuming the head unit was kaput.
Went back to the car 10mins later and all back to normal but probably the start of something going to fail.:unsure:
Anyone know of Sync2 breakdowns of this nature?
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