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Strange Sound Behind Dashboard With Ignition Off?

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Hi all

Got a 56 plate ST2, drove it today, came home and parked it up. Went out to it about 3hrs later, got in and I could hear a funny noise behind the dashboard. It's a bit hard to describe but sounded like a gurgling/flapping sound? Did it for a few seconds, stopped for another few seconds, then did it again. It stopped when I turned the ignition on.

I've heard the climate control flaps reset themselves about 10 mins after switching the engine off, they make a quiet whirring sound, but it definately wasn't that.

Any ideas as to what it could have been?


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My car is always making a strange noise. With it locked and stood there every two minutes or so it will make alittle humming noise which i can hear from outside the car. I haven't the foggiest what it is but i don't worry about it as the car always works as it should do
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