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Stolen White St - Reg: Pf08 Fmk

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Came home after being out and the car has gone !

They have broken into the house and found the spare set of key and gone, not taken anything else ....

Please keep an eye out .... PF08 FMK


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- seems too common for them to break into the house to get the keys, maybe worthwile getting a Blackjax fitted so at least if they get the keys they wont get far?
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I know its a long shot but I would go and have a look around, most nicked motors are parked up overnight somewhere quiet in case there is any tracker on the car, usually within a mile of your property.
What is it with all the thieving little TWOCERS these days?

Bring back hanging, and the rack!!!

Hope you get your motor back.
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Sorry to hear about that buddy! Keep your chin up.

+1 on the driving round to see if you can see it. I know I would be!
Gutted for you.

Hope you find her soon.

Scum bags want their theiving hands cutting off!!!!
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Cheers guys ! I am off out to have a look round !!
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Sorry to hear that mate, I'd be raging

Hope it turns up unscathed, lovely looking car.

I though car theft was on the down lately, but since being on this forum I see it's still rife
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news. Sorry to hear you have fallen foul of these thieving rats too.

Hope you get it back quickly and intact.
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Thats bad news mate will keep my eyes peeled
Sorry hear that mate. There's so many of these thefts popping up now. I either have my keys in my pocket or well hidden. Sometimes I think I should be hiding them even better. Hope she comes back safe and sound.
hi m8 sorry to hear ure news about ure
i know first hand how it feels
as i had mine stolen about 5 weeks ago now, they also broke into my house and stole my keys the police did find the car about 4 days after it was taken but sadly it had some damage hope u get it back soon m8 undamaged fingers crossed for u

one other thing is have a look around ure area as mine was found about a mile away from my house is the
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At least yours is fairly distinctive with the decals, hopefully they'll help getting your motor spotted and returned. Good luck.
If you were to accidentally shoot the
that nicked it when it gets found, I wouldn't hold it against you
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Gutted for you mate, just pray you get it back in one piece.

Made me think about where i keep my keys now as i have an
& work van.

They would have a field day if that happened to me.

Both cars would go and all my house contents into the back of my van.
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sorry to hear that dude

some F:censored: W

hope it all gets sorted and you get the car back safe
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Gutted for you mate , hope you get it back undamaged
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