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Stoc Lottery Syndicate

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STOC Lottery
Would be interested in taking part in a STOC Lottery Syndicate? If so, what game?
Yes - Saturday Lotto1234.29%
Yes - Friday EuroMillions1028.57%
Yes - Wednesday Lotto12.86%
Yes - Multiple Games720.00%
Yes - Other game not mentioned00.00%
No - A fool and their money are too easily parted514.29%
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Hey guys,

kosmo came up with a fantastic idea of a STOC lottery syndicate and I'm up for it so I figured I'd gauge interest on here.

Not sure of the total in's and out's of the proposal yet but my rough ramblings are:
1) One person is in charge of the whole operation and must be given absolute trust to run it properly. Maybe with a helper should the normal person be unable to buy the tickets for a certain week.
2) This person sets up a lottery account (I already have one if people want me to do it
) and buys the tickets each week. <---- I think an online account is best as it won't involve checking millions of lines of numbers.
3) People can elect to either have the same numbers each week, or a Lucky Dip each week or to pick their own numbers every week. If numbers are not submitted in time, a Lucky Dip will be done instead.
4) People pay in 3 monthly blocks (or some other chunk of time), no new players can join once a 3 month block has begun - this is to keep things easier for the person running it, prizes can be evenly distributed and there are no arguements about whether someone is entitled to a slice of the pie.
5) A new bank account is opened in the leader's name and all moneys paid in advance go into this holding account (and any interest (*snigger*) earnt can go towards extra payout or something?)
6) Small prizes would then go into the account until the end of the time block and can either be repaid or used as credit for the next - it would be up to the leader to decide what constitutes a big enough win to spread it out as it'll be a pain to make the payments.
7) If entirely workable, those that want to play should be able to pay via paypal as that's quick and easy <----- probably not going to work that one

9) The games enterd into will always be the same - if it is decided the syndicate wants to do EuroMillions, then that will be played, if Saturday Lotto then only that. So for example, if we decide to play Saturday Lotto then if it rolls over, we will not play on the Wednesday in the hope of winning a bigger pie, the only game played will be Saturday Lotto.

soooooooo that's my rough sketch of how I could see it working as a totalitarian operation but if people want to run it a different way - be my guest, I'll probably play whatever.

PS - there is no 8 because "EIGHT-BRACKET becomes a "cool" smiley
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A fool and his money is easily parted... Thats why i bought an ST...

Am up for a wee win on the millions...
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why not, never know might win enough to buy us all a new
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sounds good to me

if we manage to get about another 96 people should be a penny each

or we could go wild

and do fri and wednesday as well for another 2.5p
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If all the active members join up to this we'll get about two bob each.
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Surely a nightmare to organise and control, but i'd be up for it. I couldn't bare to log on one day and everyone's suddenly gone out and bought an RS!
QUOTE(Andy @ 18 Dec 2009, 11:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>why not, never know might win enough to buy us all a new

Sounds good to me
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I'd be up for it too if it was sorted out.
i`d be up 4 this when sorted out, fell sorry for who ever as to sort it every week
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Sounds good, count me in (but a nightmare to organise!! Good luck! )

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I'll be up for this, if our numbers did come up on the euros then this place will be desolate, we'll all leave for the R8 owners club etc

I think paying upfront for 3 months of play over paypal should work, then those who don't pay can't enter until next 3 months comes around.
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QUOTE(Mart170 @ 19 Dec 2009, 10:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think paying upfront for 3 months of play over paypal should work, then those who don't pay can't enter until next 3 months comes around.

Good idea
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In addition with Paypal you can leave a reference/message making it clear who's made the payment. Should keep it fairly simple. Then the leader can just pay for 3 months worth of tickets in a oner, maybe just all lucky dips to again reduce chances of any disputes.

Perhaps one of the admins wouldn't mind acting as the deputy to add some "security" to the matter as it were?
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QUOTE(Mart170 @ 19 Dec 2009, 10:33 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Perhaps one of the admins wouldn't mind acting as the deputy to add some "security" to the matter as it were?

We do have lives you know.

If anyone is going to do this take a look HERE for information on setting up a syndicate properly.
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QUOTE(hjcrichard @ 19 Dec 2009, 10:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We do have lives you know.

Sorry matey, I thought that was one of the things you guys were made aware of when signing on the dotted line to become an admin

Seriously though, I think all that would be required would just to be forwarded the ticket purchase confirmation email.
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Well id be up for a slice of this.... The 3 month block idea sounds a good one

I could see a PB
sitting out the front of me house
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Sounds like a great set of rules you've put in place.

I'm thinking of getting the ball rolling on this one ASAP - before too many people get involved (for the first monthly block anyhow, if we limit it to 10 / 20 people it should be easier to manage), after that we'll be pro's, so can handle more people.

I'm thinking we could set up a business aco**** (I have a friend who is a bussiness manager @ HSBC) have all the money taken from and go into there, and split the funds after 3 months.
With the business account you can have administrator rights, or just rights to view the statements - you could have one person in charge, and another 2 or 3 able to log on at any time to see how it's looking.

Just having looked on the lottery website, you can buy upto 8 weeks in advance, this would need some work to set up, but then could just be left to run it's course for 2 months, and the last months worth of tickets purchased as/when.

Shall I go ahed and set up the seperate bank account?
I'm in.

Keep me advised as to what you need/want me to do.

Happy to help as/where needed.
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