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Stepping Down

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Hi Guys

Due to family expansion in the future i have been offered a good price for my ST and have deceide to sell and buy myself a LD disco 3 instead giving more room for the family.

I have had great fun and meet some great people in Aberdeen with the car.

I will miss the power but being able to dive in my livingroom with be great fun.

I hope you all have fun with the ST as it will be sorely missed but theres always the future when the kids grow up to venture back to some power and fun.

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All the best mate familys first sure you will be back in the future
All the best for the future Neil

I am sure you will still pop on the forum now and then to see what's new

Take it easy mate

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All the best for the future mate.

Hope its all as bright as your car

Take care

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I have only just arrived, was it something I said.

All the best for the future matey.
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QUOTE(thestumper @ 17 Nov 2009, 06:29 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have only just arrived, was it something I said.

for Si
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Awww sorry to see you defect to larger things !!!

all the best .. hope you will still stick around.
All the best mate.Your family come first though
Hello Neil

Totally understand your reasons. You will be missed in the region

Enjoy the disco - perfect time of year for it !!!
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All the best with the new motor Niel. I hope it'll fit ur need perfectly.

Marc- perfect time of year for a disco?! Your christmas party is engrained on your mind
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Hi neil , i hope all goes well with ur new car and was great meet you and hope all goes well with your family for future.Yeh my boy is 3 months old now and takes up so much time .Well keep in touch cheers
All the best Neil. Hope you enjoy the disco. Like you say you can get another quick motor when they grow up. Take it easy
Thanks guys yeah will still keep a eye on here and see what's happening. Typical so
decide to bash into the front of the ST on Thursday morning just before i was due to trade in. But luckily it wasn't to major and managed to trade in al right and picked the disco 3 up just before all this rain. Yeah i will get the performance again once they all grow up.
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All the best to you Neil and the family, if you you get withdrawal systoms to the ST power give my a shout on here and you can have a blast of mine.

Cheers Steve.
Sorry to see you go.

Did you buy two as you need one for the spare parts.

Hope it was the TDi version as this in not the old rover engines
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