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Standard Sony Headunit Question

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I have the standard sony headunit that plays mp3 CDs , I've heard people on here saying that they have a lead in the glove box to connect there iPhones / iPod ... Does anyone have the fini code for the lead( if it's from ford ) and a rough idea on price

Also is it possible to have the lead come up in the centre armrest ??
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I can't remember if it fits the sony, but it fits all of the other units so should be fine.

They only do 1 lead - so you buy the one labled fiesta / fusion. Basically, you remove the stereo, and push it down into the passenger footwell, then tuck it behind the trim upto the gear stick.
If you pinch the sides of the gaiter, it lifts out - and you can thread it through, and out by the side of your seat.

Can't remember the code off the top of my head, but price from the dealer is £15-£20
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