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QUOTE(jamesmacc2008 @ 2 Jan 2010, 12:59 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hi folks, currently running stage 2 bluefin with mods in my sig but im planning on getting an intercooler and ds cais and further mapping it, im looking for as close to 300bhp as possible, would i be best upgrading my bluefin to stage 3+ or buying a dream science unit and upgrading to mod c? thanks
In theory you might get nearer 300 bhp with the Mod C but as usual the dyno lottery comes into play
Bluefin Stage 3+ is a very good map too. From my experience the maps behave quite differently too, Stage 3+ is like Mod B or Mod B+ which gives more instant response and pull when you accelerate whereas Mod C seems to build up gradually but most likely holds top-end power/torque better. I prefer Mod B+ and Stage 3+ but running Mod C at the moment while there's less grip about. You might get the power figures you're after with Mod C but not like

If you've already got the bluefin handset you're looking at another £50 to upgrade to stage 3+ whereas a DS handset with Mod C could cost a few hundred quid. You will have the other DS maps to play with too depending what handset you managed to get hold of.

You might get the power figures you're after with Mod C, if you don't like the power delivery you can always switch over to one of the Mod B maps but myself if you've already got the Bluefin I'd just spend the extra to upgrade to Stage 3+ which will also give Stage 3 and the reduced torque stage 3 maps too.
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