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St170 Abs Reluctor Ring , Where Can I Buy One

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hi there peeps,

my abs warning light came on and i thought it was the abs sensor, so after fitting a new one i went to get the light turned off and the garage that did it said that the computer said there was a fault with the toothed ring. can i buy these on thier own or do i need to get the cv joint kit to get one?

any help much appreciated
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Is it not built into the front hub/knuckle assembly?
it is removeable from the cv joint on the focus
You cant buy the ABS ring on there own.

We only ever fit CV joints or complete driveshafts

Go to your local factors and you will get a CV joint kit for a fair bit less than ford.

Remember that they will more than likely require the old cv joint back as it will be an old unit return (they wont want the abs ring as

its f
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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