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As above,

will be sad to see it go, been a really good car, just a pity about the dealer support behind it.

New car is a Mercedes C220 CDI Sport estate(170bhp), to help accomadate all the new junk with a 2 month old baby.

Had a few problems in car parks where no aprent and child space available, so using a normal space, but when I get back to the car people have parked so close i struggle to get in, and with a baby seat on a 3 door car..... Its ok if my partner is with me, but on your own, you have to move the car out then put her in, which I have had todo once and dont like it.

New car is a 5 door so hopefully help a wee bit.

Will be sellign my dreamscience fairly soon, along with Thule roof rack with snowborad/ski fittings. Also have a washerjet cover and some blue paint and Laquer

Will be sad to see it go, but will just have to use my motorbike a bit more for the excitment factor

Pick up the new motor on 30th
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