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St Stripes

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i've got a january 2006 st-3 in perf blue with factory fitted (i believe) st stripes on the side, i.e. not the ones which go over the bonnet and roof but the ones at the bottom of the doors...

i want to take them off as i think i'd prefer it without them, i have 2 questions: -

1) is it likely to be obvious after i've taken them off i.e. will the paint around them have weathered to such a degree that it's noticeable? i know no-one can say for certain but i'm looking for some educated opinions...?

2) if the answer to the above is 'no' generally and i do decide to remove them, has anyone got any advice around exactly how to do it, because i've had a little look and it appears as though they will be a
to get off....?!??!

thanks in advance...


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Dan just peel them off mate ,then give area a good clean then either use some scratch x or even t cut "some will say dont use t cut but i have and had great results "to get rid of any residue or marks left by the stripes ,just remember to give the area youve done a good polish with a quality polish .
all should be as you want it then mate .
PS to start them off as such you could apply heat with a hair dryer to make them easier to remove .
I removed mine a few weeks ago when i bought the car - (also a PB 2006)

The stripes were really easy to peel off and left hardly any sticky residue so a quick polish and you'd never know they'd been on

Definately looks better without the stripes


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