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infact theres a few things im not 100% about

- Front windows one touch down - mine is only drivers
- Dipping rear view mirror - dont think i have that as it has no light or owt
- mini overhead console - nothing there
- Standard rear shock absorber - surley it should be sport
- convenience pack 6 - What is this??
- ICE feature pack 7 - Whats is this??
- A/V Jack - where would this be?

cheers lee

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You'll struggle a bit making sense of the specs on Etis - it wouldn't surprise me if not all markets get ST's built as ST1, ST2 ST3 etc as we know them, each market decides itself what spec cars it feels it can sell and get decent profit margins vs showroom price in their market.

Also Ford change the specs from time to time like ST3's now coming standard with DEATC, privacy glass etc. also they'll give names to stuff we don't understand as you can see from the convenience and Ice packs above.

Dimming rear view mirror is probably just the standard mirror (manually dips if you flick the tab, as opposed the auto dimming rear view mirror fitted as part of the visibility pack.

Mini overhead console can just be the front courtesy light assy with built in microphone for bluetooth, another car such as Cmax may have a different one with small drop-down stowage compartment or something.

A/V Jack is probably the aux socket you see when you open up the glovebox.

The way Ford build the car, their computer system decides on spec going off the rules set-up for each market and then a spec sheet is generated and also details fed into systems for pickin the right parts. The people in the factory usually don't have a clue if it's an ST1, ST3 etc they see that many different cars for so many different markets. Hence a spec list which doesn't always make much sense to us but distinguished all the option/spec parts from other combo's for ST's and other Focus models.
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