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Hey Guys.

i was wondering who has Autolight and Wipers installed on their car from Factory and is willing to get me a copy of the software from their vehicle,
so that i can get my Autolight and wipers activated. This can be done by going to a ford Dealer and get them to download your car software to a cd or a dvd.

I'll pay for the postage.
Since here in Australia is not available as an option.

Your help would be much appreciated.

I hope Members can help each other.

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not trying to be funny but I really wouldnt bother.... My car has both and I wish it had standard wipers on, the auto ones are just **** and never quite work at teh speed I want tthem too.. Wish it just had infinitely adjustable manual intermittent wipers like my old Corrado...
I have to agree with the above.

My wife's Fiesta has them and i don't like them at all. The Mondeo i have ordered has them and they will never be used.

I hate the lights coming on when you drive into a filling station or underground carpark.
Thanks guys...

I really like this feature since my previous cars had it. It's a shame how u cant have it as an option here is Australia.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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