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Spotted Tobyb?

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Gave a wave as I was sat at the lights on School Lane Chandlers Ford today about 2ish.
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That was me. Good too see someone who waves back around here!
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QUOTE(TobyB @ 6 Dec 2009, 05:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That was me. Good too see someone who waves back around here!

tell me about it.. given up waving to be honest unless someone waves first.. there is another PB 5 door in valley park (no stripes) and he always flashes, think his reg is H15 *** but don't think he is on here.. was actually behind you last week near Halfords, but was in my wifes Nissan Note so didn't flash.. her reg is * 2UCE (Lucy), so if you see that round give a flash.. looking clean, unlike mine.. looks a mess at the mo, but I do the cross country run to winchester each morning, so takes all of one day before it looks like I've not bothered!
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I either wave or flash at everyone i see, but then feel like an idiot when i get no response! I'll keep an eye out for the Note, i seem to drive around chandlers ford all the time at weekends. Waiting for a day when the weathers nice enough to get out and give it a clean. The insides horrible at the mo!
Thought I'd seen you around a bit.. I'm managing to keep the inside looking ok, just can't keep the outside looking good right now.. my son is 3 and taking half a day to get the car looking right isn't really an option, well, not if I want to stay married!! Might be getting my plate put on my ST soon (long story as to why that is not as easy as it sounds) so should be easier to spot me.. the plate is as per my ID on here.. My name is Miles, and I like to think it works
maybe see you round next weekend then!
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