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Captain Slow
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Spotted a few
's on my travel's this afternoon, here we go..............

'57 reg Parked outside Huet's at 13.40 - I was driving down Heene looking for a space, typical there where none but you where parked on the pavement outside the shop when I went past. I went around the block and you'd gone by then, good luck for me as I nicked the space. Confused the hell out the guy's in the shop as they thought it was you coming back for something

'57 reg and I tell you what I think it was you above again
.You'd just gone over the round-about on the A283, turning on to the Old Shoreham road

- Tell you what I'd wager a fiver and say this was young Tom (AKA tom_ekn) on here. Spotted a rather nice and clean ST, again on the A283 between Washington and Stenying. You where headed towards Stenying and I was traveling in the opposite direction. Would have waved but it was right on a corner
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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