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Hi all

As our original list was started 3 years ago I think its time for an up-date !!!

Appologies to those who recently added their names but in order to have this list as accurate as possible I need you add you name where you from and After I have added your name I will delete your post in order to keep this thread short !!!

Dave.Prewett (Blaenavon) South Wales Rep

Bonzey (Mark)(Cardiff)

Amanda (Monmouth) Network Events Manager

Johnpro (Port Talbot) Staff

Mitch07 (Huw) (Merthyr Tydfil)

James-ST (Newport)

Trist (Carmarthen - Llandysul)


Flower66 (Ian) (Rhondda)

Kevjury (Swansea & Cardiff)

Adamst (Neath)

Shaun ST (Blackwood)

Vitatornado (Cardiff)

Mathatter (Craig) (Bridgend)

STJohn (Cardiff)

Sweets (Newport) South Wales Rep

(Richard) (Newport)

sa12 (Baglan Port Talbot)

DeanST (Bridgend)

STMartin (Swansea / Haverfordwest)

Bluelightening504 (Dan) (Cardiff)

Wilson 2010 (Gareth) (Barry)

Carmadhainsey (Hainsey) (Bridgend)

jeff st 225 (pontypridd)

Rich_ST85 (Rich) (Llantwit Major/Abercarn)

Thega (Carmarthen)


James0142 (Merthyr Tydfil)

BoyJohn (Gareth) (Merthyr Tydiff)

Swifty1 (Llanelli)

dbettosi (dan) Caerphilly

st-rhys (Rhys) Merthyr tydfil

STAG26 (Caerphilly)

willz2008 (Newport)

jonahst (Barry/Cardiff)

peter.mac. (Rhymney)

grimb0 (Cardiff)

Lloydusg (Blackwood)

rocket773 (Barry)

GriffST3 (St Athan/Barry)

Yddraigoch-st (Cardiff)

jteall (Caldicot)

kgpst3 (Barry)

Nick101 (Swansea/Carmarthen)

Seldon3 (Aberdare)

WelshGeoff (Barry) Staff


Plumbdar (Bridgend)

Boucher40 (Blaenavon)

RobMk6 (Carmarthen)

Jeff B (Blackwood)
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