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Ok guy's I will give you all some info on this creation

The builder of this creation is my good friend Kevin Ross aka KR Tunning the reason for the build was due to dispute between Kevin and the supra owners club who said it could not be done so let the build comense (how wrong where they) it may get some laughs but it takes balls to put your reputation on the line to produce a full custome set-up like this the car has had no shortcuts all mounts, managment, intercooler, loom and gearbox compomints have been hand crafted and are one-off's, Not to mention othe items,

Having had the privalage of driving this car i can 100% confirm it leaves not only ours ST's for dust but a number of 500bhp Evo's, Subaru's, M3's And RS4's.

Also its rear wheel drive only Less Grip more Slip lol, It still steps sideways in 5th in the dry so it is a Animal Confirmed!

Also thought I would add Kevin Ross is Rally driver Link


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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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