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Slight Metallic Vibration In Exhaust

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Hi, I've had a Mongoose Cat Back on the car for about two weeks now and noticed recently it's exhibiting a slight metallic vibration around 2k revs when letting of the gas, just wondering would this be maybe like a loosened bolt? or a heat shield? I'm not to clued up though and thought i'd ask if anyone can throw some ideas's to what's most likely causing it.

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as you have said sounds like something is either loose, or perhaps the heatshield/exhaust is rattling off somewhere. Best to take it back and ask them to have a look, or jack it up and have a look.
Do you also hear a rattle when you shut the tailgate?

Mine used to until I eventually fixed the loose heatshields under the car.
Another problem Captain Slow ????

Pop it round numpty and we'll sort it !!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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